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Heddiw yn Tinkinswood / Today at Tinkiswood

Work continues at Tinkinswood today, as more is revealed and more questions are asked…. BTCV have made great progress, watch this space as we begin our guest blogs!

The image below shows how BTCV have progressed, and now the whole of the north side has been revealed. It was great to be able to see it again, and a chance for the monument to breath…

The drystone revertment wall is uncovered!

The next image shows an exciting structure found during the clearance. This structure could be part of the reconstructive build led by John Ward,  in order to display a section of original drystone wall. Other possible explanations will be researched.

We also had a bat ecologist visit the site at Tinkinswood to explore the possibility that endangered bats could be present in the area that trees may be felled as part of the clearance project. It was interesting to see the torches used, they remind me of CSI!

The bat survey

We hope to clear some of these trees to reveal the stones below. This area was possibly the quarry for the massive 40 tonne capstone used for the chamber at Tinkinswood. If so, this was a very local source.


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I’m Ffion, Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University and Heritage and Arts Manager for Cadw, the historic environment service for the Welsh Government. At Cadw, my role is to oversee projects that link heritage with the arts, inspire new ways of engaging people with our built environment and to link people with their local heritage and archaeology.


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